How one single act you do in this life could save a loved one in the next -
and you don't even have to do it yourself?
There is One Special Deed...
There is one very special deed you can do in this life for someone you love. One so powerful that on the Day of Judgment could potentially be the difference between Paradise and Hell.

You know what's even more amazing? You don't even need to physically do this act yourself. And yet by doing it, you will be undertaking an act that is something so great. Something so virtuous that - when you do it for a loved one who is terminally ill, or someone dear to you who has passed away - your one deed can give them great reward in the hereafter and put them forth in the best light on the Day of Judgment.

Imagine that a loved one entering the Gates of Jannah, because of your deed. That extra reward could be enough to tip the scales. What greater gift could you possibly give to someone who means so much to you? A gift that sounds impossible, right? But it is totally possible; even if this person did not perform Hajj in their lifetime. In fact, this gift is especially for someone who has missed Hajj in their lifetime. Just imagine that feeling they would have in the hereafter to receive the reward of Hajj. All of the burden of their sins; that weight completely lifted from their shoulders.

Yes! This is a gift that is completely possible to give (or even just the reward: that's the least we can do for our parents).
Is there someone you love that needs this kind of gift more than you know?
Maybe it's your parents? Maybe it's a relative? Maybe it's a wife or a husband, or even a friend? We might not know your family personally but what we do know for sure is that there are people in this world who loves you unconditionally. From the day you were born to the day you will meet your Lord.

Of course, your parents are the greatest example of this. Throughout their lives, they struggled and did whatever they had to do for you, only because they loved you. But what if there is one thing they wanted from you in return? What if they desperately needed you to do something for them because they were unable to do it for themselves?

You would jump at the chance and do it without even thinking. In fact, if you were given a choice, you would never let your parents face the hereafter with a single debt owed to Allah (or to anyone for that matter).
If you feel this way about your parents, what would you do for them if you learned they were never able to do their Hajj?
What if your parents were simply too ill to perform hajj for themselves? Or what if they had the money and means to perform hajj in this life, but passed away before doing so; never fulfilling their debt to Allah?

In your daily duties as a Muslim, you wouldn't dare miss a fast in Ramadan. You wouldn't dare miss Friday prayers together in Jama'ah. And if you did, you would be filled with guilt and a deep sense of regret.
Imagine the gravity of missing Hajj when your book of deeds has closed.
The reality is that you cannot even begin to comprehend the gravity of this in the hereafter. It is almost impossible to understand the weight and magnitude of the sin.

You can try your best, but you cannot imagine what it is really like: standing before Allah on the Day of Judgment, missing a pillar of your religion. A day so frightening, that even a mother would throw her child from her bosom. A day where you would be desperate for just one good deed - to keep you away from the hell-fire.

You would never wish this for yourself and you would certainly never wish this for a loved one. 
Book Hajj Badal for your loved one for only £749!
You will be charged £50 deposit now and then you will pay the rest by bank transfer.
Do not despair because it does not have to be like this.
There is a solution from the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him):
A woman from Juhaynah came to the Prophet ﷺ and said: "My mother vowed to do Hajj, but she did not perform Hajj before she died. Should I do Hajj on her behalf?" He said: "Yes, do Hajj on her behalf. Do you not think that if your mother was in debt you would pay it off for her? Pay off the debt that is owed to Allah, for Allah is more deserving that what is owed to Him should be paid off." 
Al-hamdu lillah. Right there in the meaning of this Hadith is the beautiful gift:

You can arrange for another person to complete Hajj on behalf of someone who has passed away. And similarly, you can also arrange for a person to do Hajj for someone who is too terminally ill to do so.

That person performing the Hajj doesn't have to be you. It can be done affordably, easily and without any extra burden, stress or hardship upon you than is necessary.

This beautiful gift is known as Hajj Badal. And we have designed a service especially for you. So you can give this gift to the people you love.
Hajj Badal is the greatest gift for someone who has missed Hajj.
Al-hamdu lillah, Radiant Drops is an organisation that offers a solution to this problem in an easy and affordable way.
Hajj Badal is when a person performs Hajj on behalf of someone else. Hajj Badal may be performed for someone who has passed away or someone who is unable to do Hajj themselves, due to an ongoing illness for which there is no hope of a cure, or because of old age and the like.
However, if there is hope of recovery from a sickness, then the person should wait until Allah heals him or her and then perform Hajj himself.
Book Hajj Badal for your loved one for only £749!
You will be charged £50 deposit now and then you will pay the rest by bank transfer.
Our goal is to make Hajj Badal simple, easy and affordable for everyone.
Just pick up the phone or drop us an e-mail, so we can have a quick chat about Hajj Badal and answer any questions you have. We try our best to perform Hajj Badal in accordance with the Sunnah, so that you have fulfilled the full obligation of Hajj for your loved one.

Every pilgrim we provide is a graduate from an Islamic institution, someone who lives in Makkah or Madinah to perform Hajj on behalf of your loved one. Each person is interviewed personally to ensure they meet our high standards here at Radiant Drops because there are no air fares and other costs associated with travelling for Hajj from your home. You spend just a fraction of the price of trying to undertake the task of Hajj Badal yourself. And once your Hajj Badal is complete, we will email you a certificate for you to keep.

We are here to take care of everything so you can rest assured knowing that your loved ones will have their debt of Hajj fulfilled In Sha Allah.
Why do it?
It's simple. Hajj is not a choice, but a duty for every Muslim who has the ability. A house cannot be completed if part of its foundations and pillars are missing. Similarly, a Muslim has not met Allah's rights over him in this life if they are missing the pillars of Islam. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to perform Hajj once in his or her lifetime unless they are not able to do so.

Allah (swt) says: "And (due) to Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the House - for whoever is able to find thereto a way. But whoever disbelieves - then indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds." (3:97)

Failing to perform Hajj once in your lifetime when you are able to (without a valid excuse) is a major sin not to be taken lightly. If you missed Hajj without a valid reason, you would be missing a pillar of Islam. Many people are unaware of the gravity of this situation and risk never completing their Hajj as a result.
Why use a service like Radiant Drops? Can't I do Hajj Badal on my own?
Yes, you can perform Hajj Badal on behalf of your loved one by yourself. If you have performed Hajj before, are confident in performing the rites of Hajj and have the financial means to go on your own, then of course this is a better option for you. But not everybody is in this position to do so. However, you should not delay performing the Hajj Badal as we never know when our own time will come...

Radiant Drops provide an affordable solution for those who need Hajj Badal completed but are unable to finance their own Hajj trip on behalf of their loved one. Many of us have never been for Hajj ourselves or don't know where to start with this detailed and demanding act of Ibadah. With every Hajj Badal undertaken by graduates of Islamic institutes, such as in Makkah or Madinah, you can rest assured knowing that your Hajj Badal is in safe hands.
Book Hajj Badal for your loved one for only £749!
You will be charged £50 deposit now and then you will pay the rest by bank transfer.
Jamil's story: Imagine if this happened ...
* Note: Jameel's story comes from a compilation of the experiences of various brothers and sisters. We have compiled them together under the persona of Jameel to respect the confidentiality of our clients who wanted to share their story but also maintain their privacy. (Imagine if your parents had died without doing Hajj? Let's use Jameel's as an example)
It was the day of my father's Janazah (funeral). I remember vividly staring at the white shroud he was covered in. Two simple sheets, white and clean. I thought to myself how sad it was that these two sheets are the only material possession that will go with him to his grave. And then the realisation came. My heart sank as I remembered my dad never did Hajj.

So many things raced through my mind. He had the means and could have performed Hajj many times. I remember scholars saying that it was a major sin to miss Hajj if you can afford it. He always said "In Sha' Allah" and "One day..." But that day never came. My heart was trembling at the thought of my dad being in his grave, answering for his life and being asked about his Hajj. What could I do? What could I give? What could I say or donate or do?

In that moment when I saw my dad in his funeral shroud, I wanted to give everything I could for my dad to have done Hajj. I turned immediately to my uncle by my side and asked him about it. "Hajj Badal" he said. Pressed against my ear, while pinching my dad's white shroud between his fingertips. It was so noisy in the prayer hall, I could just about make out his words as he repeated them and tried to explain.

As soon as we got home from the burial, I raced to the computer to research those two words: Hajj Badal. My fear turned to relief as I found out that I could actually do Hajj on behalf of my dad. But I had never done Hajj myself before. I didn't have a clue. What if I got it wrong? And even if I knew how to do it, it was too expensive for me to go from the UK right then. The funeral costs were high and it would just take too long to save up the money. All I wanted was to pay off my father's debt right now, more than ever.

And praise be to Allah, that's when I found the Radiant Drops' Hajj Badal service. The team there explained everything from beginning to end. They answered every question that I had. They gave me the faith and reassurance I needed to make the intention and arrange for someone to complete Hajj Badal for my father. It was at an affordable price, far cheaper than going on my own. I received a certificate on completion and thought to myself: "Al-Hamdu Lillah, I pray that Allah accepts it."
Book Hajj Badal for your loved one for only £749!
You will be charged £50 deposit now and then you will pay the rest by bank transfer.
Hajj Badal: A revert's story
There is a sister whose mother was terminally ill with abdominal cancer and therefore unable to perform Hajj. Her mother, like her a revert, and she was desperate to get a Hajj Badal performed on her behalf. She contacted Radiant Drops who organised a graduate from Makkah to perform the Hajj Badal.

Here's what she had to say: "As salamu alaykum, I would like to say a few words about my Mom's Hajj Badal through the Radiant Drops website; I was so pleased to come across such a service as I wasn't aware that such an organisation existed. I found the fee a target that was obtainable, by the mercy of Allah, via a gofundme page compared to having to pay for someone from my home country to do Hajj on my Mom's behalf. It was all very straightforward and once the Hajj was completed I received a certificate of completion which I was able to post to the gofundme page, to update the donors Al-Hamdu Lillah."

This sister's mother has since passed away. May Allah give her the highest levels of Jannah. Amin.
Book Hajj Badal for your loved one for only £749!
You will be charged £50 deposit now and then you will pay the rest by bank transfer.
Places are limited.
If you have read this far, then you know how important it is to honour the right of your loved ones and to honour the rights of Allah.

Every year we take on many requests for performing Hajj Badal on behalf of others. However, with the millions of people performing Hajj, there are also countless brothers and sisters in the unfortunate situation of not being able to perform Hajj.

Don't delay.
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